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We all learn differently, at a different pace, and with a different learning style. In this post, The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX will focus on learning styles and how to identify them.

What is a learning style?

A learning style is the preferred way in which a student comprehends and retains information. Some people find it easy to follow spoken instructions, while others perform better when they can read the same instructions. Learning is easier when it's adapted to better suit each individual. If you've  ever wondered what your learning style is, read on to find out.

Why is Knowing Your Learning Style Important and How Can Tutoring in Sugarland Help?

Knowing which is your learning style can help you use it to your advantage. You can work with your strengths and improve in your weak areas. Tutoring in Rosenberg TX will help improve your learning abilities and work on your weak areas.

Visual Learners

Visual people learn by watching. When they are in a classroom they understand better by looking at the teacher's body language and facial expressions. They prefer to sit in the front where there are less obstructions. Visual learners like the use of images, graphic organizers, illustrated textbooks, and maps to fully grasp the information that is being presented. They enjoy taking very detailed notes and their notebooks are probably filled with doodles and colors. People who are really visual  can easily visualize plans and outcomes in their mind. They have a good spatial sense, which gives them a good sense of direction. Since they understand maps, they rarely get lost.

Studying Tips for Visual Learners

  • Use mind maps. Instead of using long texts, use color and images to take notes. Be sure to have a variety of different colors or pens.
  • Visual words such as: imagine, see, picture, and map will help you make associations.
  • Using the visual story approach will make memorizing procedures much easier.
  • Diagrams will help you visualize the links in a system. Change key words for pictures and use highlighter to identify major and minor ideas.

Auditory Learners

Listening is what helps this type of learners the most. Lectures and group discussions are auditory learners' cup of tea. They are good at understanding underlying meaning in speech by listening to the tone of voice, pitch, speed, and many other details others take for granted. In the classroom, auditory learners prefer reading texts aloud and listening to instructions rather than reading them. Auditory learners are natural musicians because they have a good sense of rhythm and pitch. They can easily identify musical instruments and can be greatly moved by certain music.

Study Tips for Auditory Learners

  • Mnemonic exercises.
  • Include rhymes, music, and sound to make associations.
  • Use recordings to help you visualize procedures.
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Physical/Kinesthetic Learners

These type of learners need to approach activities hands-on to fully comprehend ideas. They learn things by physically exploring how they work (putting back together a clock, for example).They are constantly in motion and find it hard to sit still for a long period of time. Kinesthetic learners enjoy physical activities such as: sports and exercise, as well as gardening or fixing things. They often think and get ideas while they're being active. When they speak, they probably use many hand gestures and even using their whole body to communicate.

 Study Tips for Physical/Kinesthetic Learners

  • Re-do experiments made in class at home.
  • Role playing to review topics seen in class.
  • Use physical objects that can help you remember what you learned. Flashcards are good because you can move them around.
  • Remember that writing and drawing are physical activities as well.

Verbal Learners

Verbal learners love to read and/or write. They prefer to learn with words. They find it easy to express their thoughts by writing or speaking. These type of learners enjoy words and their many definitions, they like playing with tongue twisters, limericks, and anything like them.

Study Tips for Verbal Learners

  • Rewrite notes you already wrote.
  • Find main ideas and rewrite them in your own words.
  • Translate graphic information into statements.
Once you know your learning style, your learning journey can be more interesting.

Tutoring in Rosenberg TX

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