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Taking notes seems like a skill you would only use in school, but many people continue to use it throughout their whole life. Sometimes you can take for granted the importance of a good set of notes. If you’re feeling like you could use some help at improving your ability to take notes,The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX has some great tips for you in this post.

The Art of Taking Notes in Rosenberg TX

The whole point of taking notes is to help you remember information. You give yourself hints on the most important parts of the subject and let your brain do the rest. There are many different methods to take good notes. You need to try some of them out until you find a technique that fits your style.


Organization is the key to writing notes. If you find a jumbled mess of words in your notebook you won’t even know where to start when you get down to studying. Notes should be short and concise with enough keywords to trigger your memory when you go through them.
  • Use key words and short sentences.
  • Try to write in your own words.
  • Write down only what matters.
  • Create a system of symbols using question marks, asterisks, or whatever you find necessary to call your attention.
  • Design an indexing system.

Find Your System

You can always create your own method, but here are some note-taking systems you can try out. Maybe you can even mix them to create your own unique style.

The Cornell Method

This method has been around since the 1950s, it can help you both as a note taking system and as a studying technique. You need draw a line to divide your paper in two. Make the column on the left smaller than the other. You are going to write all your notes on the right side, the biggest column. Write a cue word or words on the left side for every bit of significant information. To review, you have to cover the notes on the right, leaving only the cues visible. As you read each cue out loud, try to say as much as you remember from the covered notes. When you think you’re done, uncover them to see if what you said matches what you wrote. If you can say most of it, then you know it. Another good way to review and even learn more is to try tutoring in Rosenberg TX. Give The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX a call at (832) 363-7873 to learn all about their tutoring programs. There surely will be something available for your tutoring needs.

The Mapping Method

Mapping is a good way for visual learners to memorize information. It’s the graphical representation of the information presented in class. Mapping consists of connecting one fact or idea to another by using lines. This method proves that you’re actually understanding what you are writing and it promotes critical thinking. You can edit your notes by adding symbols, numbers, and colors.

Outlining Method

Outlining is a method better suited for science classes, like math or physics. You write the most basic information or let’s say a title on the left. On the right side, using indentation, you will write a more specific group, and under it even more indented specific information. You will be using level of importance to jot down your notes.

Charting Method

The charting method is good for history classes where some lessons are given in chronological order. Since you’re going to be using columns, turning your notebook horizontally will give you more room to write. Divide the page into columns and put a title or category in each one. For example, you could label them: period, people involved, countries involved, and event. You would record ideas, keywords, dates, and any important information in the according space.

Sentence Method

The sentence method is probably the one you’re using right now.  You just write every new concept, fact, or idea in a separate sentence. You can use numbers to mark each sentence. It’s recommended that you use some sort of visual aid to make the note more interesting and relate the points together.

Notes Are Great and So Is Tutoring in Rosenberg TX

If you are struggling on a subject, notes can only help you learn more efficiently. A great idea is to join a tutoring class in Rosenber TX. Tutoring is a great tool for all those tricky subjects, not to mention you might even find new note taking tips. The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX has many great tutoring programs designed to help you succeed. Give them a call at (832) 363-7873 to learn more about their programs, and don’t forget to schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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