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Some people work better when there’s music or noise in the background, and others prefer complete silence. So which group has better results, the ones listening to music or the ones in silence? Find out if working with music is a good idea.

Is Music Good or Bad?

There are plenty of studies that focus on the effects of music during a study session. Some say that music is too distracting and doesn’t promote efficient studying while others believe it can make the session more successful. Today we will side with the studies that declare music is helpful for successful studying and tell you some of the benefits.

The Benefits

You probably already know about the calming effect music has. If you’re always under stress because of school or if you’re feeling anxious about exams, listening to some music can help you calm down and relax. Once you’re at peace, you’ll find it easier to focus on your school material.  Some studies show that listening to music can help students improve their memorization skills. By providing a motivating, happy, and positive ambiance, students indirectly get a memory boost.

The Right Kind of Music

While music can make your study sessions more effective, not all music can help achieve this. You need to choose your music to go with the subject you will be working on. Subjects like math or physics that require lots of concentration are better suited for some classical music. This type of music helps you concentrate for longer periods and retain more information. On the other hand, if you’re studying languages, science, or something in the area of Humanities, a more upbeat melody will be more helpful. These subjects use the left side of your brain, which solves problems and processes facts. Look for something with 50-80 beats per minute that will help you think more logically and retain more facts. Finally, if you’re working on something related to art or English, go for emotive pop or rock music to give your creativity a boost.

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Music can help your study sessions be more effective and achieve those great notes you’re aiming for. If you need some extra help, tutoring in Rosenberg is the way to go. Learn about the tutoring programs The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX has to offer by calling them at (832) 363-7873.


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