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Board games are full of fun, and they’re perfect for learning too. Spend some quality time with your children and keep their brains strong during your next summer game night with these games.

Game Nights Can Be Educational

Family game nights should be a staple in every home. Not only are they a great way to spend time with your loved ones, they’re also an excellent learning opportunity. Board games can be great educational tools. Start up the healthy competition and let your game night begin!

Board Games That Promote Learning


Scrabble is an all-time classic! The players need to prove who has the most extensive vocabulary and best strategy. Not only that, but Scrabble also allows your children to practice some math. It’s quite a simple game to play, all you need to do is spell out words and make as many points as you can. There’s even a junior version for younger players.

Guess Who?

This game is excellent for younger children since it allows them to practice their vocabulary by describing the characters in the pictures. It also teaches children about similarities and differences.


Bring the game show to your living room. This board game challenges every member of the family to prove who knows more. The game allows you to play against the game itself or each other.


Cranium is all things fun.  Everyone gets to act, draw, sculpt, or sing. Your children will exercise many parts of their brain. There are many Cranium versions to choose from, such as a pre-school option, a Disney Cranium, and even an adult version.

Enroll Your Children in a Tutoring Program This Summer

Games can be an excellent source of learning, but if you’re looking to boost your children’s brainpower and prevent the summer slide, you should sign them up for a tutoring program this summer. Call The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX at (832) 363-7873 to learn about their summer tutoring options.


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