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The summer slide happens when students forget what they learned during the school year during their summer vacation. You can prevent this from happening to your children by trying these fun learning activities.

Summer Learning Fun in Rosenberg

With school out for the summer, all your children want is to enjoy their vacation and forget about their schoolwork. They have all the right in the world to rest and enjoy their summer. Unfortunately, this means that all the knowledge they got during the school year will slide off their brain, resulting in the famous summer slide.  Students’ brains get lazy over the summer with no school to challenge them and reinforce their learning. Returning to school next fall will be tougher because they’ll have to relearn everything they saw last year. There are still plenty of ways to prevent the summer slide while keeping your children having fun, learning, and busy during summer break. The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX brings you these fun ideas to maintain your children’s brains active over their summer break.

Reinforce Reading Skills

Reading skills are one of the first things children tend to forget when summer rolls in. For students who struggle with reading and have only recently managed to get the hang of it, summer can be terrible. Research proves that reading just six books over the summer vacation period can keep any student from regressing. You just have to pick the right books that aren't too hard or too easy. Take this reading opportunity and turn it into an adventure. Visit your local library and let them pick their own stories, or ask the librarian for good options that suit their interests and abilities. How about picking a book and doing some fun activities that match it? If they were to read a book set in France, like Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans, you can eat French food during the week or watch a French movie.

Start a Newspaper

Keep your children writing by starting a weekly newspaper at home. They can write articles about what’s happening around their neighborhood, publish interviews with their friends, or any other news they find interesting and fun. Everyone at home can pitch in with some articles. Your children can even draw and design the newspaper layout. Even the children around the neighborhood can join in and receive their weekly paper. If your children could use some help improving their writing skills, The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX has just the tutoring program they need this summer in Rosenberg. Give the center a call at (832) 703-6514 to learn about their tutoring programs, and don't forget to schedule a free diagnostic assessment.

Edible Science

Science experiments are always fun, and they’re even better when you get to eat the results. Your children can learn more about science by trying out a few summer experiments. They can make their own ice cream in a bag with just a couple of Ziploc bags, ice, milk, vanilla, sugar, and salt. Take advantage of the heat in Rosenberg and build a solar oven! Your children will get to gather all the tools needed to build their solar oven and eat the results. They can try making s’mores, pizza, and even cookies. These are only a couple of examples, there’s tons of edible science experiments they can easily try at home.

Make Math a Game

The cool thing about math is that sometimes you don’t even notice you’re using it. If your children don’t enjoy math, you can sneak in some practice in the form of a game, and if they do enjoy math, then they’re in for a treat. You can make bead bracelets using a specific pattern. Your children will need to count how many beads of each color they need to use to follow the set pattern. They can also join in the kitchen to follow a tasty recipe. They practice math by measuring the needed ingredients, and, if necessary, they can double or reduce the recipe to make more or less. How about trying some card games and making it a family game night? Go Fish, Pairs, and Blackjack are only some of the games they can try. For even more ideas using cards, check this out.

Tutoring in Rosenberg Can Help Too

Ten weeks is a lot of time to keep your children at home. Eventually, it will become boring for them and stressful for you. Take a load off your back and maintain your children’s knowledge fresh with tutoring in Rosenberg. Summer tutoring has many benefits: it can reinforce academic skills, keep them busy, and even help them get ahead on what they’ll be learning next fall. Call The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX at (832) 363-7873 to learn all about their summer tutoring options, from math and reading to writing, you’ll find something to fit your children’s needs in Rosenberg.


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