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Learning how to code can be a fun and educational activity for children. Coding allows children to enhance their computational thinking and gives them a new outlet for their creativity. Coding is also a great way for children to understand the technological world we live in. Learn more in this...

The Importance of Summer Learning

While it may sound like a fun summer activity, the summer learning slide is responsible for students returning to school unprepared for the new school year. To help you learn more, The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX has prepared a great post, below.

What Is the...


In addition to grades, your child’s report card also includes comments about learning challenges and suggestions for improvement. The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg, TX has some tips below which can help you to use these comments to improve your child’s learning over the summer break.

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Clearing Any Doubts About the Benefits of Math

If you are struggling to convince your children that the math lessons they are learning in school will not only be relevant to their adult life, but actually useful, then The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX has a great post with a fantastic activity...

Tips to Help Your Child Read

A student’s reading ability can determine the type of academic opportunities they are eligible for. If you want to help your child improve their reading level but aren’t sure where to start, The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX has a post with tips which can help.



Using Your Spring Clean as a Teaching Platform

While students connect this season with vacation, parents consider this the time for their spring clean. If your children are yet to find out that they will be helping with your spring clean, below are some tips from The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg...

Tips for Exam Preparation

As much as students may not like exams, they are part of their educational path and can determine their further opportunities. The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX has a post with tips you can share with your student to help them prepare for exams.

Plan It Out

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Reacting to a First-Semester Report Card

It is around this time that your child’s first report card for the school year is on its way out. If you receive theirs and find their grades to be lower than you know they are capable of achieving, this article from The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX can...

Is Your Child on Track to Reach Their Educational Goals?

Now is the perfect time in the school year for parents to touch base with their children and check how they are going in relation to achieving any goals which were set at the start of the school year. Below is a basic guide from The...

Planning for a Productive Parent-Teacher Meeting

Now that your child has had their chance to get to know their new teachers, it’s time for parents to spend some valuable time meeting them. The Tutoring Center, Rosenberg TX has the following post to offer which can help you prepare for your first...


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